Participant feedback for CDVC5 in Halifax, Nova Scotia (March 2018)


“The conference was wonderful. I appreciated the diverse representation of speakers and workshops from across the country.”

“My conference experience was very positive. Well organized and amazingly on time given the number of concurrent events.”

“The location was excellent. The venue was outstanding and the hotel recommendation was great.”

“Venue staff were friendly, food was good. Halifax as a host city was fantastic.”

“The screening of A Better Man was the highlight of the conference, for me. The Q&A with Attiya Khan after the film really allowed me to see how conversations of domestic violence can take shape, and how responses to intimate partner violence must be varied and contextual. Her film exemplified that justice can look very different to every survivor, and that human complexity should play a role in determining the shape of justice in various situations. I think that the film provided a valuable opportunity to have some challenging conversations about the impacts of intimate partner violence, and I have found myself recommending it within my own networks.”

“My experience was positive. Loved the venue and the people! As presenters we felt very well taken care of before our session began - lots of people checked on us to makes sure we had everything we needed.”